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i want to sell my crestworth model rocket from 1993.

i got it as a present in those days and it never left my hands. I also held it in honor so it is in good condition.

Just want to test the waters..

I will add photos when I manage to take some.

btw, me and the lamp are in germany right now.

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200 EUROS  = approximately 233 USD

Figure about 75 USD for International shipping.

$300 is not a bad deal for a Crestworth Rocket in good condition!

I would purchase it however I changed my display a while ago and I now have three Crestworth Rockets stored in my closet that I am considering selling later this year.

Thank You mile high. Must have been those extra 0's I had trouble with.

I see how that was confusing!

It appears that they use commas in their prices on ebay.de instead of decimal points like Ebay USA and UK do ;)

Alex! Those are excellent photos you took of your lamps!!!

Thanks for the compliment! 

Actually it was a pleasure taking them! Even tough I sell it I still enjoy watching it!

I try to imagine your expression when you interpreted the comma and the zeros the American way..  

We use it the other way round, "." In the large numbers and "," for the digits smaller then one.

jack said:

Alex! Those are excellent photos you took of your lamps!!!

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