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I 'Won' and paid for a Crestworth Coach Lantern lava lamp on Ebay and thought everything was hunky dory (fine) until I had my Paypal payment returned.


I knew this nab was too good to be true. A buy it now price of £37.99 for a Coach Lantern? (Ruby/Port) Although there was no picture, I was happy to take the chance. I already own a Starboard (Green) version and really wanted the Port (Red) one.


Anyway, it turns out, as it was being wrapped up for dispatch, the girlfriend of the seller accidently dropped the bottle onto a hard concrete floor, and the handle came off too!


Oh by the way, the bargain I thought I had? one day later, a similar example went for on Ebay £155 and then my one mysteriously smashes. Fishy I say.


I contacted the seller and asked about any possibility of salvaging what was left like the base for example but they've decided to keep the bits that are left. Hmmmmmm.


I'll be keeping my eye out for a re-listing.

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Dont you hate that.  I was working a deal through Adverts i.e., Ireland's trusted marketplace.  Worked the deal all week long for a Opel Fluidium for $196.00 shipped.  Friday I tried to log on to see the progress and web page said my account was inactive and to contact customer support.  Sent them an email stating my situation and the fired an email back.  They said that no buyers or sellers OUTSIDE IRELAND could negotiate deals!  What the hell.. so I lost that deal. Really sucked big time.

Wow, that hurts!  Even worse is that eBay only cares about sellers (they pay the fees).  I won an auction once and then had a seller "change his mind" about selling.  There is nothing eBay would do about kicking the guy off or even giving him a "strike".  If a buyer quits the process the wrath of eBay comes down!  A few weeks later the exact same item came up with a hefty reserve.

I'm willing to pay for good vibes that go along with a smooth transaction...or sometimes I quit collecting certain items all together.  It's just not worth seeing bad memories around the house...

I dream of the day when there isn't an eBay...people just photograph stuff around their house and over time it has a "sell it now" price.

I hear you Jethro..I won a black jet with red lava..and cloudy for $1.98 + shipping on Jan 8th and paid the same day.  Still have not heard anything from seller.  Opened a dispute with EBAY and finally escalated it today.  Sure the seller was pissed he did not get more for his jet..then they pull this crap.  Going to try to get him thrown off EBAY.  For sure will probably end up with refund...didn't want that..wanted the damn lamp..argh!

I've had sellers tell me the item broke as they were packing it. I always make them show me pics of the damage just to be sure.

Think Happy Goo...oh wait, dont search on that:)

Well just heard back from EBAY and guess what....I get a full refund...oh joy!  Wanted the freaking lamp..will be watching for it again..

You get a full refund if the seller can not prove shipping. 

As far as ebay's wrath on buyers, It's takes 3 strikes then you are kicked off. 

Sellers feel the wrath of ebay too. It's usually easy for a buyer to win the case. 

I never get upset at those crazy low buy it now prices if a seller does not go through with it.
It should be win win on both sides.

If someone backs out, it's their karma. 
I'm not for the seller, but they shouild really be edcuated enough to put a reserve price on thier auctions (and publish it) so they get thier fair bid and you know if you should bother. 

What irks me is if a seller puts a reserve and keeps it secret.
My response is usually do you want me to bid or fish.. cuz. I'm not fishing! LOL!

Ultimately, I think the blame here falls mostly on eBay. If you've ever listed an item, then you know they push you at every step to list with a low starting price, no reserve, and free shipping, because it's the auctions with unrealistically low current bids that draw buyers to the site. It's really no surprise that this sometimes ends badly and a seller decides not to go through with the sale.

boo hoo, shit happenes.

That's why I don't let it upset me.

Arne said:

boo hoo, shit happenes.

Unfortunately it can be difficult to tell online if someone is it for the money or the love of the art.  Some are so aggressive they contact an eBay seller before the auction is over and try to purchase the item directly.

I personally enjoy the lamps themselves, the chemistry/physics, the positive and nostalgic atmosphere and entertainment value.  I guess somebody has to be motivated by the business aspects or we wouldn't have a collectors market.  What ever makes you flow...

 I doubt you will see the item relisted. I have a feeling someone emailed the seller with a offer and then your lamp "broke". It sucks, I had it happen to me before. Theres not really much you can do.

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