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lately i noticed one lamp that i do admit to running more than i should appear dimmer and not flow at all after it got started so today i pulled the bulb to see whats going on.  its got this weird buldge out the side of it and the top is blacked.  it does light and it gets hot thou.  I'll discard this one.  

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looks like my hemorrhoid !

haahaa todd!!!!  My 60 watter's turn black, but still continue to be hotter then hot and light.  They get so hot, the paper around the inside of the base where it says max bulb 40 watt is black too.  Sounds scary but I am always right there when they are lit.  Now after they flow at full I dim them, but yeah, my 60's turn black but don't get that funky looking bulge thingy.

My grande bulbs included with my heritage grandes are not labled, other than DG. Dollar general? Wouldn't doubt it. Lava lite seems to like the cheapest option. This is scary though. It should not have done this.

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