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Okay, so I have a pair of Cosmic Windows... In the boxes... I bought them a couple of years ago off of eBay and really didn't realize what I had. They both came NIB, with the plastic still on the case. (Naturally, I peeled the plastic off so I could enjoy them!)

Any idea what they might be worth these days? I've only had them on a few times and there are no scratches or dings anywhere. Do I need to get a rider on my house insurance or are they only worth a little? Cheers! Kelly.

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I wouldn't call these ridiculously valuable, but they're quite collectible and very uncommon. Mine is just a shell: no top cover, no globe, no electricals, no bottom felt. If you ever decide to boost the collecting fund a bit, putting one on eBay might net a bit, especially if OG is told it's up. Fantasia made only 4 types of glitterlite, they were mainly stuck on glass fiber optics; I think these were just an attempt at branching out into more mood lighting options. Either way, they're well-built, typical for Fantasia (though their basic glitterlite is pretty slapped-together in looks) and showy. Do yours come with color discs - and, if so, which colors?
LOL, I have at LEAST three Aliens... And I think, if I dug around the basement, I might find a FOURTH! :)
Kris is definitely someone to consider. He collects mainly Fantasia lamps. I second the motion of considering him.
LOL! Would love to oblige, but I really love having the pair... I dug out one of the boxes, so will make a vid and take some pics this weekend.
Tee-hee! Nope. And to make matters worse... I'm pulling stuff out of the basement so I can put Santa and the Snowman Icons away. I've got all of the Series II Icons ready to fire up tonight!
Oh the dangers of sorting your collection, "Ooh, I've gotta see that in action again" lol
That's why I get to many lamps in the living room ;)
Holy crap! Wonder how much a pair would bring??

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