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FS - Hot Rock Lite F/X Complete Lamp for lava or glitter

As the title states. This lamp is ready for a goo kit and or glitter. Whichever floats your boat.

This lamp is 100% complete with no damage to mention of any kind. No dents, no dings, etc. The only thing missing is the felt pad on the bottom of the base which is an easy fix.

Lamp comes with original rubber plug and cap which makes resealing easy as pie.

If you don't know, the bottle securely screws into the base which I find a very cool feature of these lamps.

If you are interested in the lamp, please PM me. As anyone who bought from me knows, I like to check shipping estimates first before we come to a happy medium on price so you know up front what the shipping portion would be. So far this has worked well for all items I have sold and all buyers have been happy :)

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To The Top :)


i need a new home!

I know someone wants to make a super glitter lamp out of this as I have and it comes out fantastic. Much nicer than the thinner crayon lamps bottles.

Just a reminder if anyone is interested.

Yes, I agree, I am surprised no one has interest. It's not like I gonna ask a lot of money lol. Just want it to go to a good home.

They are well made lamps if you ask me. The bottle width is about an inch wider than the link'd lamp bottles so lava would work better. Glitter is a cinch for this lamp style.

Of course with that tiki lamp builds I do, the base is dremeled off at the spot welds and I am cutting into the base for eyes and mouth of the tiki lamp base for light pass through and top is covered with heavy canvas and bamboo shoots.  Good luck with it kero48.

Very cool idea. There is one on ebay right now but no way I would buy for the price listed.


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