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Hey all--

Long time no see! I haven't been here in a while, but I wanted to see if anyone had any feedback on an issue I'm having with a Goo Kit.

I kitted a handful of lamps last year--one I gave away, one was for a friend, and one was my 90's model Silver Streak, which I kept for myself. (I also kitted a Grande for a friend who bought his own Goo Kit. It went really, really well!)

Anyway, for the one I kept, I used a mixture of yellow and green dye that was included in the kit. It looked really nice for a while, but now I've noticed that for about the last 3 hours of an 8 hour run, the goo starts to get translucent. It flows fine, but the color just absolutely sucks. I like the goo to have a melted crayon look, and the Magma Tower dye makes it look like a cheap Chinese lamp that I got for $10 on Amazon. I don't like being able to see through the blobs as they glide past each other.

I know that I used a good amount of dye, because the color is very deep and rich, but it just looks terrible after it's been running for a few hours. The lamp is definitely not overheating. I have it on a dimmer at about 3/4 brightness, and the blobs always stay nice and big until I turn it off at the end of the day. 

So I don't have a goo problem, I have a color problem. Any suggestions? I'm really considering re-kitting this thing, but I'm definitely not doing the green/yellow MT combo again.

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Yep...most def


Carol said:

I need to get dye from another source.  Vox did a blue one that is still keeping it's color as far as I know.  He got his dye from a candle company online that sells supplies for candle making.  I really like the color he chose as far as saturation.  I have to search for the link, or email Vox, but If and when I decide I want to try another blue I def won't be using the mt dye.  As a matter of fact, I dumped the whole thing into the already purple lamp to help turn the goo black for my orange/black so it's GONE!!!

As always, thank you Keith!!! I would have never thought of Peak......the 80's brain.......

All of our problems would be solved if we could get back the LL USA formula! But I don't see that happening unfortunately.

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