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I just bought and received my first ever Mathmos Astro Lamp and I am already in love with it and its not even flowing yet. I received it today and upon opening the box I could immediately tell the higher quality materials used to build this lamp. This is my second ever Mathmos lamp, the first one being an Astro Baby that I honestly did not like at all but I believe that lamp wasnt right. The wax was bubbly, transluscent and chunky with really weird flow. Not silky smooth at all and the liquid had haze too and had taken the color of the wax.. Anyways this Astro lamp is beautiful, the thickness of the metal cap and base surprised me (being used to the thin Lava Lite metal) and the cap actually has some weight to it. I love the base and how the bottle sits in it, the bottle has absolutely no flaws and to my surprise it has double coils, is this normal? I posted some pics of it, and will upload some flow pics when its warmed up as well.

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yep there been putting 2 coils in for a while, i think its to heat the wax up quicker, thou when ive transfered the contents and used one coil in my early 60s bottles they heat up just the same , so not sure why 2 coils to be honest BUT its normal in the new bottles and the last of the wide bottle tops like yours,  the new bottles have small narrow bottle tops like the babys

Thanks for the info Johnny. Now I know that the newest astro bottles have slimmer necks and that double coil is normal. Im in love with this lamp!!! It's so pretty and the flow is amazing. The wax snakes really good and has tons of stretch, the colors pop and the quality of the base and cap is superb.

i figured someone on here won that lamp.  congrats!

I dident know mathmos has started using 2 coils in there astro - clearly quite new as my 50th edition bottle does not have 2 coils but i am not knocking it, 2 coils are better then one.

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