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I haven't bought a china lamp in a while, so it may be new info for those who were curious about quality nowadays that Lava Lite is attempting to help quality issues.


So I was browsing online and stumbled upon this at Toys R Us online for $12.99 and said was available in stores, I picked one up today locally, they had other colors in this 11.5" size but this was newest. I was really interested in the package design, they are continuing to market to young teens, maybe because specifically this was in an area in Toys R Us where they had a special display for all room decor items and fluffy pillows, side tables, funky lamps, etc.



I like that they are trying. And to think, they actually paid or invested time redesigning the packaging to appeal to more people (teens) and, well, me too a grown up LOL


Out of the package the liquid a little hazy but not too bad. Has some smoky / milky film moving around upon heating up. After a week it seems to be getting more clear.



-Uses only 15 watts, low energy use and perfect size for a bedside lamp falling asleep.

-Strikingly similar color to Mathmos' turquoise.

-Haze seems to be improving after a week.



-Not crystal clear.

-Turquoise color is color of a melted "Icee" and remains transparent, so color never "matches" the base. Box shows that effect, so that's what one MIGHT expect.

-Overheats after a few hours and sometimes gets one ball of lava that just hovers in the the middle.

-Love the package more than the lamp itself.

-Lava stays transparent after melting fully, looking "gel" like.

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Same old same old...Sooner or later selling cloudy lamps is going to catch up to them. I wonder why spencers lamps are clear, but the ones at toys r us arent.

Yes, the new ones from Spencer's are crystal clear such as Pink / Yellow (Red / Yellow actually) and White / Purple as shown above. These 52 oz are growing on me more especially for the price...


After 1 week of operation 2 times daily, full heat up and cool down, then on again....seems to be getting better, color & transparency remains the same.


I'd like to see pics of the turquoise lamp as it clears. Thanks for posting this. Kinda reminds me of the Designer one I got in red (32oz.). I did end up returning mine though. Just wasn't pretty to look at. Thanks for the review Matt.
Definitely worth it for the slightly retro funky packaging!
Is this turquoise one exclusive to Toys R Us only?

Not sure exactly, I have seen them online all linking to Toys R Us though. There is a smaller 11.5" too in same color lava and base available through Amazon.


if anything you got a great looking base and lid.. you can dump it and goo kit it

I just bought 3 of these and all started out clear as in the pic, then as soon as they "erupt", some kind of substance on the surface of the lava starts floating in the clear liquid (almost looks like smoke) causing them to cloud. There is no flow to them either. After the lava melts, it just sits in a blob at the bottom and it happens in all 3 I have which I'll be returning. 

Wow, that's disappointing. I wonder what the stuff is. Some sort of wax residue? Cool color though.
Yes, it's some kind of residue that was on top the wax, so even if the lamps are checked for cloudiness in the store, they still can become cloudy later on. Also, these use a 15 watt bulb but the lava wasn't getting hot enough to flow, so I tried a 25w, and did get them to flow ("China flow" of course) but then they overheat after an hour. I may keep one and create my own turquoise lava with a goo kit.

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