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I recently found an old Wizard at Goodwill for $5.00. (Yay!) in general it is in pretty decent shape, and aside from running too hot where the glitter stops cycling (which I will put a lower watt bulb in to see if it helps) it is pretty neat. The base and cap are spotless.
I was curious as to:
1. What can I top off the fluid with? It is not terribly low but some has leaked out. Judging by the rust on one side of the cap and moisture trapped on the rubber plug it what stored laying down for quite awhile. There is a fair amount of glitter residue stuck around what was the original water line that has essentially left the shape and shimmer stuck to the glass but not the flake itself.
2. The glitter has faded to be almost completely translucent and has lost a lot of the shimmer effect. I can see a very small amount of red and green flake which makes me think it was a multi when it was new. It still does it's thing but it is a bit lackluster. :( What type of glitter is preferable to match this? Anything specific brands anyone has had luck with?

If I could I would just order some of Kirk's Formula! But I also like to play chemist so I would love to learn a new thing and get this beautiful again. I have poured over all the glitter posts and it is overwhelming. I have thought about just gooing it but I would like to keep it glitter. Any help would be great! Thanks.

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Ya, those you might want to avoid.
I tried to replace the glitter but no go. At least I learned how to filter so I did learn something out of all this! (Coffee filter in a jar with the sealer cap out.) I did discover, as I figured, it had a good amount of rust in it from the cap and the plug was junk. The glitter was completely clear and/or rust colored, which explained the yellowish tint to it. I tried to be crafty and mix glitters but it clouded it so for now I just jarred the liquid and put it aside. I am going to try to turn it into a lava but if it doesn't turn out quite like I am hoping for I may break down and have someone redo it. If it was one of my chinese wonders I would keep messing with it but since it's a neat one I'll have it put back to original.

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