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I can't find the post but someone wanted to see if we could find lava lamps on tv, movies, print ads.
Just saw one.

ABC.com full episode player, 5/5/08 DWTS, first commerical break, Discover card, lava lamp next to the computer, dead center, 32z silver base/cap, yellow/orange, still caught mid flow, hazy.


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Very neat. Even though ABC's POS media player never works for me. :(
blue/yellow Grande in the girls room on Big Brother 10

Another lava lamp sighting:  The 1993 movie "What's Love Got to Do With It?" (the Ike and Tina Turner story) has a few great shots of a lava lamp in the Turners' home recording studio. The scene takes place in the mid 1960s. Tina was happily enjoying the outdoor pool with some friends and went inside their home to encourage Ike to come outside. Ike was busy working in his recording studio and in a grumpy mood. On a shelf or desk behind him is a large lava lamp. It's quite noticeable and can be seen just to the left of a gigantic fish aquarium. Sadly, their lava lamp is most clearly visible while Ike is giving Tina a major thrashing. The movie stars Angela Bassett as Tina Turner and Laurence Fishburne as Ike Turner.

The Graveyard Carz lobby has a blue and yellow grande on a railing.

The ABC show "The Middle" just had a small clear/blue on tonight's episode, the scene with Axel's dorm room.

The 1980 movie, "Cheech and Chong's Next Movie." I saw the lava lamp just as I tuned into the show so can't say what scene it appeared in.

Two different sightings in the new Dark Shadows movie with Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer. First is a red/clear Century with custom starlite base(big holes) in Caroline's room. Barnabas(Depp) stalks the lamp because he thinks the lava flow is real blood! Later during the Alice Cooper concert, the entrance to the ballroom is flanked by 2 red/clear Grande lamps mounted on 5 ft. pedestals! Dig it!!

Just spotted a yellow/blue Grande lamp on the show Graveyard Carz (on the Velocity channel) in their shop.  Its sitting on a sill between the garage and office parts.  Wasn't flowing though, just sitting there with the cord wrapped around it.

Couple sightings. First, the movie Big, that part where you don't know if it is creepy since she is in her 30's and Tom Hanks is supposed to be a 13 year old transformed into a 30ish year old, but she doesn't know, but he does and you the viewer does, I say weird... Anyways white/blue Aristocrat:

Second was in a decent movie named 'The Knights of Badassdom' pretty funny movie, worth a Netflix watch on a boring day, hah! I give you what looks like a white/pink Silverstreak (phone camera is stupid and casts a purple hue on low light :(:

Howard Walowitz' room on the Big Bang Theory. Also recent Toyota commercials have had some Lava Lites along with Muppets.
The movie Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp. There are several scenes with Lava....Chinese Lava though.

Actually, there is a scene in Caroline's room and she has a modified red/clear Century 100 lamp--US made. I have a spare Century Starlite base and I modified it the same way--I drilled out the holes to a larger size and added more of them too. The lighting effect in a dark room is dramatic!

Critter said:

The movie Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp. There are several scenes with Lava....Chinese Lava though.

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