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60's/ 70's Lava Lamp Passed down to me, Crestworth Princess, Help?

Hiya, apologies in advance as i am new to this. I have had a very old lava lamp passed down to me & it is 42" in height, 32" globe & 8+ a half" diameter with red liquid wax & pure copper base (covered in material, maybe later?) & pure copper trim. I have been informed that it is very likely to be a crestworth princess globe but still coonfused about the base as it looks original to the lamp & you can tell the copper is same age as rest of lamp but has later rewiring on it & maybe material covering?

Anyone have any ideas to what this lamp could be & solve this ongoing mystery as its driving me nutz now. If it helps, my distant family were german & it was passed down from this side of the family. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also any idea of value of it or if it was a princess globe on a diff base etc please?

thanks. Amy

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That is a very beautiful lamp.

Good lord yes...

WOW! That is awesome!!

Incredible. The high-class version of the series 500 Imperial Lava Lite.

There was also, though, a later Crestworth called a "Rocket," a flared base with a bullet-shaped cap. My guess is that, like the later Fireball lamp, the three-legged floor model pictured above was made mainly as a store display, rather than as a retail lamp. Still, in my opinion, it is unquestionably one of Crestworth's most classy models, and that's really saying something since I think their vintage models all have a polished elegance about them.

Hiya, thanks for everyones comments.

Yes the lamp does pull out of the copper stand. But the stand (to me anyway lol) looks as old as the lamp does although you can clearly see that re-wiring has been done at a slightly later date.

Im going to carefully move the lamp & take exact measuremnts off it & then get it running for a few hours. I have run it before but the problem is with huge lamps such as these, they take a good 3 hours to warm up & flow & the cost of electric in this county is crazy lol. So to be honest with you, it doesnt get used a hell of alot. But i will do this soon & post some more pics as these pics were done in poor light on my phone. So i will be posting some better quality pics & pics of it flowing as soon as i get a chance. thx
Jonas Clark-Elliott said:

Does the lower copper part of yours lift out of that cylindrical stand? As said above, the original stand is a gloss black wooden(?) ring with three teak-wood legs.

Technically, nobody knows what these were actually called, since the Crestworth Princess is really an Astro with a three-legged white metal stand.

I think that base is great in the pic that autumn provided.

yes it does lift out of its stand. Ive contacted mathmoss with pics & they have confirmed it is a genuine princess & they only know of x2 others in circulating (x1 being at there headquarters as pic above) but as they were commercial made exhibition pieces & not made for domestic purposes, even they are unsure about its base. But at least I know its a genuine beauty. I have found out that it came from an executive show home in London years & years ago & has been passed down through my family. So im going to get it professionally refurbed & then if I am able to part with it ;-( I will advertise it for sale. So will keep ever1 posted on how its going & post pics of this process too ;-)

Wow nice lamp hope you do decide to sell it on I would certainly be interested in buying it. But then so will a few more people.  

Thanks Jonny. We got the copper top carefully off & there is as you say a X locking cross tensioner underneath but as I posted on other discussion. Weve had it confirmed to be a princess from mathmoss now anyway. Does your princess have any markings, stamps or logos on it at all?

Also to Jonas, yes the lamp does lift out of the copper part of the base

Hello All I hope you will forgive me opening up a old thread however I thought all you gooheads would like to know that I currrently have for sale on Ebay a genuine mathmos princess.

And I will ship it worldwide with a reputable frieght company 

if you decide to happy bidding http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Extremely-rare-retro-1960s-Mathmos-Crestw...

-Kind regards 

Good luck with the sale!

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