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It's come to my attention that Magma Tower isn't sourcing goo anymore and I am looking into sourcing it myself to potentially fill the void. The only thing is there will likely be a fairly large minimum order quantity from the manufacturer. Therefore, I'm looking to get an idea of just how interested the community is in purchasing goo to refurbish their lava lamps. If I could get those looking to buy goo to reply to this post and give me an idea of just how much goo your currently interested in buying that would help a lot. Do you need enough for a 20oz lamp? A 250oz lamp? Multiple lamps? Let me know. 

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larger towers require a bit more pliability, which can be achieved with a variety of silicone fluids
Adrian said:

I am interested in lava and fluid for a big lamp. At least 14 liters, maybe even 35 liters or more. Also depends on pricing. Go big and get it cheap. Have you developed a formula? I think formulas might differ from normal to huge lamps in order to get the optimal flow.

what does the timeline look like for this project?

Very interested in the Non-Perc formula. sadly it appears you have taken your spreadsheet containing your formulas down.

I assume this was to protect your development. still cant wait to get some!

Any Progress on a new source from one of you guys.  Still waiting patiently

For the last 6 months I have been toying around with building customized lamps. Very little luck with mixing my own goo from scratch so I'd be interested if it's cost effective.

Bear in mind

(and this applies to anything imported now)

The supply chain has created mafia-style extortion tactics that are being employed by all shipping carriers now.
Since they cannot ship as many tankers as before, they decided to pass their billion-dollar lack of profit onto the USA public. 
Since they are backlogged in distribution centers, they are also charging the client "Storage charges" in addition to extortion fees for the trans-oceanic shipping for their own containers because they cannot get to them when at the bottom of the pile

A container last year could be shipped from China to the USA for $2,200
It now costs over $23,000+++

What does this mean?
All chemicals usually bought for manufacturing have or will be skyrocketed in price 

(Along with everything else that is imported)

The good side, is,.. that maybe,.. just maybe,.., someone might smarten TFU and start making products within its borders again and quit importing every damn thing they buy

We are almost ready to open the store

The formula is near perfected
Bulk supplies are ordered


We are almost ready to open the store

The formula is near perfected
Bulk supplies are ordered


I am very excited  to order  lava  so my restorations can continue.  Thanks in advance for your efforts.

Claude J said:

We are almost ready to open the store

The formula is near perfected
Bulk supplies are ordered


Thank you
supplies arrived this week
Give us a few more weeks to get going and perfect the mix

If anyone is interested in lava replacement wax
,Please send an email to lavalabcreations@gmail.com to get on our mailing list

Awesome to hear this! Congratulations!

I have been further developing our website today
We will be for offering a multitude of products for the Lava Lamp Collector and offering international shipping
Products include, but are not limited to:
Replacement Blended Lava Wax in Kits, Pints. Quarts, and Gallons, Wax and Fluid Dyes, Vintage Blend Master Fluid, Chemicals, and Associated Lava Lamp accessories
There is also a photo archive and tutorial section

Currently have 489 GooHeads signed up for the grand opening of our website.
If you have not already done so, go to Lavalabcreations.com and signup.
Let's break that 500 mark!

Our website is LIVE!


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