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Anyone see this?


I have messaged them telling them what they are doing is misleading, but their response was "the grande and the 20oz lamp look identical" and "lots of places sell 20oz lamps for $50" to which I cry BULL CRAP.

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I'm going to buy it. Just so I can return it

This guy is selling a megaton of new junk. And I see now - I hadn't looked at his name. He's actually called honesttrue!! Hence the item with an "HONEST TRUE" description. BS.

Sad. Very sad.

I'm apparently supposed to hear from his lawyer through ebay for a defamatory statement that I told him and for attempting to undermine his business. Good luck with that one buddy lol.

The only things undermining his little resale racket are his dishonesty, and his 300% markup. :-/

No matter how he wants to look at it, at the end of the day EBay will ALWAYS side with the customer, especially with misleading listing descriptions, title, picture and the actual price.

12.99 at most retail stores

and besides 14 inches and 20 ounces is not massive. Seller is doin bong hits of human feces.

Yes, I saw this listing too. I often see listings on Ebay that are obviously posted by a dishonest person that is just trying to rip people off. What's really sad is now the listing says 6 available / 2 sold. I hate to see people get screwed over by liars. :( Dang, did you read his negative feedback... "Orders an item from WalMart & has it shipped to you at 40% markup! Stay away!" 

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