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Normally don't care to post these kinds of things, but this is the 2nd time I've had issues with this buyer. Both times, they take several days to pay (say they have an eBay gift card to find, first), THEN start asking questions.

Username: generationmac (now changed userid to biditdown)

I recently listed and sold this lamp:

Buyer doesn't make any contact with me until I file a non-paying bidder claim. Then tells me they'll pay for the lamp Wednesday, which is the last day of the case. Says they have to find their eBay gift certificate. 

THEN, they start asking me questions about the lamp (bulb used, flow). Admitted they "wanted a glitter lamp anyway" and that they "didn't read the auction correctly to understand this was the "refilled lava" without glitter". 

I had a problem with this same user when I sold a wave machine.

Anywho, I'll try and keep it somewhat short. 

Seller beware. It just SUCKS that you cannot leave neg feedback for buyers anymore on eBay. I have blocked them from bidding on any future auctions of mine. 


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I'm sorry that happened to you. But, as always, I appreciate it when people let me know these things! I've only ever sold 1 thing on ebay, and I had to put up with crap like this. It's supremely frustrating, and made worse by the fact that ebay always seems to side with the buyer, and as a seller you have very little recourse.

Yes, that what bugs me the most. I have a feeling she will leave me neg feedback and there's NOTHING I can do about it. As of right now, I have 100% feedback, so it just pisses me off. I have blocked her from all future sales.

She finally paid tonight, after the non-paying bidder case had been open two days. I told her I wasn't answering any more of her questions and even gave her an out. She should have asked her questions BEFORE she bid and won. She even admitted she didn't read the auction clearly.


You can see she's a big fan of leaving neg feedback for others:


Aw geez...good luck, Erin.

I hope she doesn't sully your reputation. :(

She likely will. Not much I can do about it. I'd recommend anyone here block her from bidding though. She's not fun to deal with.

Sellers can only do their best to please their buyers and thats all you can do. On the brightside negative feedback comes with selling on ebay. Its impossible to please everyone but at the same time people do buy from other people who have negative feedback. Don't worry about that too much.
I would have bought it!

I been having nothing but issues with selling shit on ebay lately. Some people are just assholes plain and simple or they want a free handout because they are upset they "paid too much". I received my first ever (after 12 years being on ebay) negative feedback from some idiot who won 2 of my auctions and was pissed that I wouldn't ship them together even though I stated that in my auction that I dont ship items together, who the hell ships lamps together? not I. And because of this I received 2 negative feedbacks from one tool bag. And Ebay does nothing about it either.

That sucks Shawn. It really does. In my case, the seller ADMITTED they didn't read the auction closely and then decided to ask questions AFTER. 

Here are some of the gems from our recent conversations:

"Yes i'm still trying to find it. If you want to cancel and sell to the underbidder that's fine. i wanted a glitter lamp anyway and didn't read the auction correctly to understand this was the "refilled lava" without glitter. I'm asking because is the lower watt bulb that wont melt the plastic further will it make the lava flow as in the picture? Where did the picture come from if you never tried it?"


"OK so let me get this straight... You took pictures of the lamp flowing with a 40 watt bulb that ended up melting the plastic... and then you list it showing those pictures with the lava flowing but your reference is that you can't use a 40 watt bulb because means that a lower watt bulb may or may not make the lamp function? If the Lava does not get to a certain temperature it won't flow. Do you see the paradox here?

Do you know if the cap come off the bottle with the lava? or is it permanently sealed on there..."


"your two business days are lone up. what is the tracking number?"

These messages were all AFTER she won the item. 

I've never had much luck selling stuff on OG Trevor. I've tried in the past, but I rarely get any interested parties. 

what a piece of work that lady is, erin.  i'm sorry to hear about your troubles.  i blocked her from bidding on my auctions.

it just seems like some people get a kick out wasting peoples time these days I would black list them from bidding on anything else your selling on there. Well done glad its sorted and she should have no reason to leave negative feedback once you opened your case :-) 

lol Erin I have problems with people not reading the descriptions either even if its in the title of the auction. I've been selling globes only lately and even state that in the auction title and they still have to ask is this the whole lamp? just silly.



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