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Hi guys,

This is my eBay ad: https://www.ebay.com/itm/275140480335
A ton of information about the prototypes and more photos can be found at that link.

 I would prefer to obtain a Lava Lite bottle cap stamped #29 32oz Lava Lite globe. However, in absence of the 29, I will take other offers. Please feel free to ask any questions.

Thank you! :)

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These are very interesting, though I hope you do understand that not only does lava value vary widely, but I highly doubt even the most focused collector would pay a LOT for these, rare as they are, being empty and without coils except in one case.

I do have a #29 globe, flows fine, but the liquid has barely a yellow tint, it's mostly clear. I think that was common with these as it was with #02 red/yellow, which often end up almost clear. Not sure if it still interests you?

Hi Jonas, :)

The value of Lava does vary wildly. I'm reminded of recent $900+ Diablos on eBay. While that is awesome, I wouldn't want one unless it was under 50 dollars. I want good globes, I could care less about the bases.

I did place a value on what I would consider paying for a #29. This morning I was offered over twice that number for the Baby Lava set via a FB Lava Group. - You are correct, they will likely sell for cash instead of the #29. However, at this point all the 29's are in collections. I have several "once in a lifetime" items to offer to a collector. Hopefully a 29 will get sprang from the woodwork.

Speaking of 29s. If your fluid is "barley a tint " it sounds like its faded. Every 29 I've seen the fluid is very pronounced.
Also - A perfectly clear liquid should barely be seen unless its lighted. Its far easier to tell a color in an 02 when the lamp is cloudy.

The 02 also has the issue of red lava dye bleed. The lime green lava never had this issue.

Having said all of that. If you have a 29 and you are interested in the baby lava, or just outright selling it. Let me know, I would love to see it.

My priority is to complete my numbers collection on my Lava Lite 32oz globes. :)

Thank you

The photos you showed are the only ones I've seen of non-faded #29s. I've seen several very oale ones. If you find one of your own, please post photos! It's a great color, and I, too, have wanted one in the past. There are others I now want more, so if I find a good #29, you'll be the first to know and it'll be on offer!

I have never seen a 29 in person.

Any faded 29 is a sad situation. As a collector, I would not buy one. A faded 29 to me is worth less than a mint 19. :(

Another 29 has presented itself. I am holding a extremely rare prototype for him in trade. I'm hoping to have one soon. :)

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