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Hello all, anyone ever heard of bottlecap 25B? It's off a Blip I have. Looks like a yellow/clear liquid.


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Thank you. I was referencing the bottle cap codes in the library and did not see any reference to a 25b.

Well, #25 indicates a yellow wax/purple liquid, B indicates Blip.  So why is it clear liquid?  Because the water can fade over time, faster if in bright sunlight.  As a matter of fact many members have purposely sun-faded their lamps to clear liquid.  I have done this so I could change the water to a different color. 

Long story short, it was purple/yellow now faded to clear/yellow.  Probably 

Wow that's some serious fading!!! It is as clear as clear

Yep.  Fading can take as little as a week in southern states in the summer.  Especially if you are trying!  

Leave a colored globe in the sun (outside or in a sun-drenched window) and that's all there is!

Wow. Those sun rays huh?! Maybe I'll pop the top and use your highlighter trick! 

A YouTuber I follow who just like me likes MiniDiscs and lava lamps, Freund333, has a blue liquid/green wax Telstar, but his Telstar also has faded, and now it's clear/green. And yup, clear as a bell! 

You know, I'm now wondering if I can do the same with my pink/orange Astro. I really don't like the pink liquid, and I'm pretty sure I could put my bottle outside in the sun on a safe spot to catch some UV. The lamp seems kinda cloudy which probably won't be solved, but I could always try. If it still looks cloudy, I'll just buy another bottle with a colourmix I do like.

2 questions please:

How nice are those Mathmos Astros?!

Are you referring to old school Sony Mindiscs?

1. They're great. Even though mine probably have seen some use, they still flow nicely. The pink/orange one is a bit hard to see through though, not sure if it's cloudy or simply the liquid colour being too "bright". That's why I want to try and fade the colour, since I'm not too fond of the pink colour and clear/orange would be really cool. The red one does tend to have tiny wax bubble formations flowing through the lamp, but it is not bothersome. The quality is just top notch, and if the bottles ever do run out of time (I bought both second hand and have no idea how many hours they have run for), I can get new bottles for reasonable prices delivered to my doorstep. Mathmos is just the best, bar none.

2. Yep, the Sony MiniDisc. I use and love them, great audio format. But I also use vinyl, audio cassettes, LaserDisc and even HiFi VHS, still. 

Daniel, in northern Europe it will take longer than a week!  Maybe several weeks.

Regarding cloudiness, if you can see the print on a newspaper or magazine through the globe it's not cloudy.  But if it's difficult to read because of cloudiness fading won't clear it, just the color.

You can see that through the globe, so it's not cloudy in the sense of wax having mixed with the liquid. It's just that the colour is very, well how do I say it, overpowering, to the point where the wax is somewhat hard to see. It's more of a colour thing than a cloudiness thing, and I do think that should "clear" up when the liquid turns clear (no pun intended).

And as for weather, don't underestimate the Netherlands! We've had 85+ Fahrenheit days in the last few days. And I accidentally left a video game in front of a window. Within a week, it turned very yellow on the upside. Fortunately it wasn't a rare or expensive game, but I still wish that didn't happen. I've I had thought of this then, I'd probably have put the globe near that window then. Sunlight and temperature has died down in the last week, but I think I should be able to get some UV radiation on the globe. It's precisely why I keep stuff out of direct sunlight, and covering stuff near windows up, until I get UV blocking window tint. The Netherlands technically falls under Western Europe, and we do get more sunlight than Northern Europe countries like the UK. 

So the audio fidelity is better than CD? 

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