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OK Brits don't want to be part of Europe, I got it.

But why so many auctions on Ebay for "UK only" recently?

What's the difference to go to the post office to ship to the other side of England, or the other side of Europe?

I don't get this... (and it gets me mad you can't even contact the seller to ask him if he can change his mind.)

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I managed to bid anyway and won the auction (I know, I'm bad!), so it's still possible to bid even when you shouldn't. :-)

Now I'll have to deal with the seller: A friend of mine will be in UK in January, I hope the seller will be OK to wait until then to ship, or better, send it to me directly.

otherwise I may need some help from one of you ...

What exactly did you bid on Astralav? I shall be happy to help out if you like. I know what it's like to eagerly wait for a lamp which might as well be in a Galaxy Far Far away.....

Glittery greetings and flowing felicitations to you. I can receive said lamp on your behalf if you wish (now that you've won the item). I'd love to know what lamp it is though!


Astralav said:

And would you bid for me?

I need to find someone in the next 24hrs.

(no news from seller)

Thanks for your offer Alpha Centaury, I'm currently waiting the answer or the seller so maybe I won't need help.

I sent you a message anyway.

I have gotten quite a few lamps from the UK .. here is the thing.. I get them from there faster than I do here from another state.. and I have been blessed with great packers.. love my old crestworths so I take the chance..

I suppose its their choice and who really wants to deal with a pissed off buyer when crap does happen,...

Punch to the gut.  LOL  At least we finally talked person to person.  I was waiting for the weather to cool so they wouldn't cloud up.  Yup - that's the story I'm sticking to!  :-)

kiramarie said:

I have gotten quite a few lamps from the UK .. here is the thing.. I get them from there faster than I do here from another state..

Oi !!!! I'm a Brit and have posted worldwide lol :-)

when it comes to lava lamps, they cost lots to post in the uk alone - can't imagine what they would cost to send abroad.

and then you have possible damage.... if i was selling a lamp on ebay i think i'd have to be uk only.

Shipping to France is less than £20 (this is what it cost me for the last one.)

If the package is good, there is no more risk to ship abroad than UK.

And offering worldwide shipping multiply potential buyers, so the final price too...

A complete Astro cost £49.00 too ship to Canada if that helps.

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