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Broken globe on torchiere floor lamp! Please help me find a suitable replacement!

Greetings everyone!  (This is my first post)

I have a torchiere floor lamp that I got from Walmart a few years ago and absolutely love it.  It's the same model as this one:

(picture credit goes to "Mr MaGoo" https://oozinggoo.ning.com/photo/torchiere-floor-lamp?context=user)

I'll spare you the story of how it happened, but the top of my globe is now broken and I need to find a replacement.  It doesn't have to be the same model or even functional (I can gookit it), just as long as it fits.  I also don't mind if the replacement globe flares out on the sides, as long as it sits securely in the socket.  Fitting into the decorative plastic top cone would be a plus, but is not essential.  One more important note: it's not shown in the pictures, but there is a metal arm that holds up the top portion of the lamp, so the globe is not structural to the torchiere.

Here are the measurements of the original globe:

-Width of base:  2 and 7/8 inches / 7.3 cm

-Depth of the lamp "socket" that holds it above the bulb: 5/8 inches / 1.5 cm

-Height of globe (including beer bottle-style cap, but not the outer metal cap or decorative cone): 10.5 inches / 26.7 cm

Any ideas?  Is there another, more common model of lava lamp with a globe that would be compatible?

Would a wine bottle work?  It seems to be a fairly common bottle diameter and I've found a couple that might fit, but they would have less capacity than the original and I'm not sure if they're up to the temperature stress.



Here's another of Mr MaGoo's pictures showing the shape of the globe:

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Cool Magoo

Wish mine looked that clear

Mine's still crystal clear but I don't use it too often.  B/c the first one I had I used it mostly every night after a few months wax started to stick to the sides.  Luckily I was still able to take it back and get another, they were still being made.  But that kind of made me a little more gun shy to use this one too much.  

Thanks guys! got my lamp taken apart. it actually took WD-40, Q-tips and a semi dull x-acto knife to pry it loose. But I got it.   Just as I thought, the coil was sitting slanted in the wax. I managed to get my lamp all back together the way it should be. I'm waiting on the socket from Amazon. I should have it Wednesday. I have to get a bulb for the lava lamp now, I had it working this morning before it burnt out. I will post a pic when I have it all done. 

I'm still looking for either a replacement globe or for someone to redo the one I have...know someone? Let me know!

So, I got the replacement bulb. turned it on, the wax started melting and everything was looking great. I went to get another picture of the greatness and that's when I noticed the coil was a quarter of the way up the globe. I swirled it back down into submission. The wax is melting back down now. Hopefully the coil will stay there. Still waiting on the socket. That will be tomorrows update. 


Fail.. Ordered the wrong socket. I have the correct one on its way. Should be here tomorrow. I love being so close to an amazon distribution center. Also having a lot of was issues. Bubbles, sticking to the glass, and no movement. 

4.7 jpg looks like a volcanic eruption

Yeah, that looked pretty bad ass. That's why I took the pic and I noticed the coil was a third of the way up the globe with the wax.  And now there is no movement at all. Hasn't been since I turned it on 5 hours ago or so. 


maybe time for a goo kit or at least a cleaning and filtering

Maybe the socket is not at the same distance from the globe or parallel to the bottom?

Did you say you put a 40W bulb in there?  I'm not home at the moment, so I can't double-check, but I'm pretty sure that's the origin point of how I ruined my original globe: I used too hot of a bulb causing the wax to stay at the top and stick to the glass (I think it was a 40W).  It was in the process of trying to "fix" this problem that I broke the globe.  I bought an official "lava lamp" branded bulb to use with the replacement globe and discovered it was a lower wattage than the 40W I got at the hardware store.

Not I. I use 25W as instructed by the sticker inside of the lamp itself. I have never gone any stronger then that. 

Girl, think you have given a valiant effort to revive that thing!  Hats off to you for that effort.  Think the way now is to kit it like Claude suggested.  Start with it fresh and whatever color you want.  Make sure you have it on a dimmer though, as it will have the lighter more sensitive wax.  Think it will turn out great.  Keep us up to date with your effort, I love my torchiere lamp.

Good luck!

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