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Does anyone know what type of lamp this is or how I could get it working again.  I think it is French and form the 60/70s.  I bought it c 1990.  I took it out after 10 years just now and liquid bubbled around for 20 minutes when the light was on but then stopped.

Does anyone know how I could replace the liquid?

Many thanks

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There is no way to open these lamps.  The lamps are one piece hand blown and sealed forever from what I've seen and I own  several of these lamps in various shapes.  I'm guessing whoever owned your lamp either left it on too long or in the sunlight which is the fastest way to evaporate the liquid within the globe. Sunlight also seems to kill the bubbling effect if left exposed for too long.  Even if you could reopen the glass there is no way to reseal the lamp back to specs. I guess you could try. You have a very interesting shaped lamp. A total bummer it's fried.  If I were you I would use it for a very interesting nightlight lamp.  It's cool just to look at it the way it is.  I believe most were filled with either oils or distilled water.  Nothing special since it's just boiling water within the vessel.  

Thanks.  It did work after being left in a box for 10 years, but only for 20 minutes.  I wonder would a hotter/brighter lamp help. It certainly not "boiling".

Has the wiring been converted to 120v? These lamps were made to run off of 220v, so a 15 watt bulb is only running half the voltage. At least it’s been my experience.

Thanks - I am in the UK so the power here is 240v, same as France I understand

My mistake for assuming. Good luck, the lamp is pretty 

Have you shaken the lamp? Bubble lights often have camphor in them and if it cannot dissolve it will not bubble. Shaking it up may help it dissolve again. These used to be common here in America as christmas lights, but their popularity has declined quite a bit.

If Autumn's tip doesn't work, there's a French collector on here - Alain-Noel - who may know how?

It's such a beauty, worth trying everything to resuscitate it...

Hi Autumn.  Thanks so much.  I shook it like you said and it's working perfectly again.  First time in more than 20 years I think.  I owe you one!

Happy to hear you got it working again!

Gareth Healy said:

Hi Autumn.  Thanks so much.  I shook it like you said and it's working perfectly again.  First time in more than 20 years I think.  I owe you one!

This particular style is one of the few of which the manufacturer's name is known-- but, as with even those boilers, nothing is known about said manufacturer. "S.V.D." of Paris. I've seen them in seven colors, all with slight variants. S.V.D. may have produced a similar small model with a donut which, instead, is filled with colored glass seed beads (in the bottom) which generate a continuous rise of Champagne-like bubbles. Definitely hold onto it, and flip it gently if it has difficulty starting.

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