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I read something on here a while back on how to clean fiber optic sprays. I searched and can't seem to find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.   

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I have cleaned 3 different sprays & had them looking good as new.

But be prepared to lose some fibers..... not many, but lets face it the age of the sprays range from almost 50yrs old to round 20yrs

Glass fibers that are as thick as hairs, it surprising that any have stood the test of time.

But saying that i lost about a 18 fibers on my almost 50 yr old spray & about a dozen on my 30+  one & round the same on my Love bug.

Now i'm not talking about complete fibers mainly broken tips, & only a couple that got close to full length.

I have pictures to show it

But you will need a very gentle touch & patience.

& the hardest part is not the cleaning .

It's what you have to do afterwards to have them flowing & looking right that can take hours.

& that part was not explained in that post you are talking about.

Want to know more ?

Well it might be easier to friend me. we might be able to set up a way to chat, as my one finger typing will take for ever,

Unless i can find some one to type for me.

Here are some pics though..........................

Maybe not, i don't know how to upload photos ?

I will need help to do that,

Anyway let me know if your interested in how i went about it, before i get carried away. Cheers

Know I have seen this info somewhere and looked, but can not put my finger on it, no pun intended.  If you guys come up with something please let me know.  Working a deal right now and probably will need to give the "new" spray a bath and cleaning up.  Thanks again!


You should only clean a vintage glass spray if it is "really" dirty/brown looking as you will loose some fibers during the cleaning process no matter how careful you are!

I use that mean green spray bottle sold at Dollar general

It MELTS off smoke residue stains and it came out clear/white again/

Yes on the gently dab dry and use blow dryer 

When you guys are using the blow dryer, are you hanging the spray upside down and blowing the hot air through the spray or is the spray lying on the table while you are blow drying it?

Hi put down a lot of paper towels spray window cleaner on the spray let set about 5 min and holding the spray upside down under running warm water rise the glass cleaned off put on paper towels and let dry.

Thanks all for the info. Will post pics after cleaning, sure there will be a difference.

Thanks everyone!

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