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Possibly selling 2 colossus lamps.

I have not been on here in a quite a long time and
I have not messed with my lava lamps in quite a long time....8 years?
At one time i had 3 colossus lamps in my possession.
i bought used...2 i bought new (and had them shipped truck freight) from some OEM 'warehouse' storage find at least
a decade ago.

Hopefully i don't muck up the post.......

I have one red colossus lamp in my possession.
I have not fired it up in at least 5 years.
I used to have it at work on a timer....that started at 3am and turned off at 4pm?
When i left that job that was the last time this lamp was moved.
And my neck still fn hurts..............**heavy**
See attached/embedded pics.

I should have another one at my brothers house that I have to pick up
(not sure on the colors involved). I had no room to store it and
he collects lava lamps. no pics of this one at this point.

Trying to gauge interest...and what possible price....i could get out of these.

If it becomes a hassle, then i won't bother selling them.
That hassle includes shipping them. CASH only...no electronic payments.......
So this would most likely be local pickup only...new castle county, Delaware...east coast USA.

No boxes.

I will attempt to check messages and associated email every so often.

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PM sent

PM Sent! I'm in Philly!

Very interested in one.
Also very interested 🙂
Interested! I sent a message :)
Interested ,will message
Sent a reply earlier..but it's gone...what happened.?

Hello, most interested. Is there a price established as of yet?

Thank you

Any updates?  

I'm just circling back about the lamps for sale. Have you sold them or decided of you're going to sell? If youre.selling, I'm interested still.
Guess they must have changed their mind...

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