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Hey all, just picked up what I believe is a centurion.  I air cooled with fan and is a big chrome lamp, with a huge spray will post pics soon.  Can you guys tell me the difference between the sunburst and centurion models.  Thanks so much for info.  In the process of cleaning it up.  Chrome base is perfect, insides need some cleaning. There was so much black dirt and grit on the color wheel, but cleaned that up and have to do a thorough cleaning to the electrics and mechanicals.  Cleaned the base of the fiber optic spray, which will need a good cleaning. 

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Hi. That is a sunburst. It's beautiful, by the way. Centurion has a ring (like Saturn?). Also, the Centurion spray is more whispy. When I have time, I will pull up a pic of Centurion for ya. Think there is one on eBay right now

Thanks so much for the info.

Hi that's a sunburst 4000 with a black 4000 spray. The centurion doesn't have a fan and stands about 11.5 inches high the sunburst 4000 stands about 15 inches high.

Hi again. Centurion does not have a ring (like Saturn)...has been ages since I had mine out of it's box...lol. Anyway, a couple of pics from eBay for ya.

That is a centurion and a Sunburst. The following pic shows you more of what a Centurion spray looks like (anyway, mine looks more like that.. I am not extremely knowledgeable about Fantasia products). 

The difference is centurion no fan and 4 inches shorter plus the spray on a centurion is about 8 inches long the spray on a sunburst is 14 inches on the short one and about 17 on the one in the original pictures.

Awesome, Gary. Just curious... does the Centurion have this more "whispy" spray as in the above pic? I bought all my Fantasia's used so I don't really know that much. As a collector of lavas, plasmas, fiber optics and the like I am always interested in knowing more.


Yes they are like yours. Must of them are missing a lot of fibers because they are a lot thinner than the sunburst.

So the original sunburst came with shorter sprays, or was there an optional longer spray?

I’m not sure about that but the longer look much better and sell for more.



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