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I have had this one lamp for about 10 years and i have no clue where or what to plug this thing into.  I can remember that is had rainbow bolts of electricty.   I have some pictures of everything, i think it is one of those cheap china made lamps...I just have no clue what to plug it into.  Also it is quite foggy (Dusty) and i do not think i can fix that.

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The plug




I have one of these as well, it was never clear, there should be a 2nd part of the chord that hooks into the 2 prong part that converts the round plugs into normal wall type plugs.  I can look in the morning to see if I can get to mine easily to take a picture

well now, Loren beat me to it

Sorry Gwen, :p I happened to have one sitting 3 feet from me!

that's fine lol, mine is back in the storage room and near the back if i remember right

The dusty coating is a phosphor and is supposed to be there. As the plasma streamer runs over it, it causes the phosphor to glow.

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