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So I bought this badass looking black wax/purple fluid 52oz lamp today. Unfortunately that color combo does not work at all. It's waaay too dark to see anything. So I'm currently in the process of taking out the factory purple fluid and replacing it with clear fluid. (Distilled water, surfactant and PG) Has anybody tried this? If so did it work? I'm worried the factory wax is going to be too dense and not rise, unless I dump a crapload of PG in there....

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Don’t add PG until it’s running! I recently redid the liquid only on a stock lamp and it turned out to only need water and surf. Had to dump out my fluid mix because the PG all sank to the bottom and undulated in a semi-opaque layer. Super weird. Just distilled water and surf worked great and the flow is excellent.

Thanks. I will try just the water and surf. My first attempt failed. The wax acted super weird. Like it was melted on the inside as it rose but the outside layer was hard/cooled. And the blobs wouldn't bounce off of one another, they would just combine together. Very odd. Ill try without the PG

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