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It was a long time since I've been here.

About week ago I finally bought my first Astro.
It's a clear/turquoise Heritage Astro with black base and cap.
I've plugged in, started and waited for it to flow.

Lamp flows pretty nicely, but there's a lot of bubbles in the wax.
I'm dissapointed - spent a lot of cash on this lamp here and now it looks like a cheap Chinese product.

Anybody knows a way to fix this situation? 

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Unfortunately, I've done a lot of research on bubbles in wax and to my understanding, no one knows why this happens and there is no fix for it either. My vintage LL lamps even have some bubbles in the wax.  I do goo kits and some have a lot, but they go away after so many runs.  Have you ran the lamp for a few times?  Do you notice after a longer run they get less?

one theory is that the bubbles, which are actually pockets of liquid, form when the wax isn't hot enough.  sometimes the issue will resolve if you run the lamp for a long time (~24 hours), then let it rest, then repeat.  or, if the flow is slow, it may not be getting warm enough.  move the lamp to a warmer environment or away from air vents or fans.  good luck

another theory is the wax isn't adhered to the coil all the way around letting water get under the coil.  The lava then pulls some water up with it and creates air bubbles from the water mixing with the wax.

Thanks for Your fast reaction :)

I've also tried to figure what it's all about with those bubbles when doing my own goo for one of chinese lamps. But now its another case - lamp is sealed and I can't modify mixture.
Carol yes, You're right - when lamp runs longer I can notice bubbles get smaller when lamp is running for long time. About this adhesion - maybe I should flip the coil "to its back"?

Brad i'll try to move the lamp in other place, near audio amplifier - its almost always on and produces some warmness :)

Thank for Your suggestions, I really need to get this lamp working good! :(

I decided to reply again.

Lamp flowing perfectly now, it just needed to settle itself. I'm really happy with it and I'm recommending Mathmos products. Really good quality. I also bought Astro Baby for my girlfriend and it also works good!

yep, they can work they're way out.  My goo kits sometimes have a ton of bubbles on the first few runs, then they work their way out!!  Enjoy the flow!!!

It has been my observation that bubbles of liquid can appear if there's a gap in the coil. The hot wax draws liquid in through it, which comes up as "pea shooter" flow. The bubbles don't always burst at the top, instead coming back down and mixing with the wax again. I've actually seen STREAMS of bubbles coming up through a gap in the coil, and not all of them come up as tiny blobs...a lot of them stay in the wax.

When lamps are made, the coil is all nicely acclimated to the wax. When lamps are packed and shipped, the wax plug shifts around, and can create bare places on the outside of the coil. I have had several lamps that run bubbly for the first few runs, but fix themselves after 2-3 runs.

I'm glad yous did this!

I want an astro so bad...enjoy!

You're spot on with that observation Loren!!!  Here's how I know this is to be true.....LL replaced my son's 52 oz Neon Green due to brown gunk in the coil with a 52 oz purple/yellow.....Lamp mounded at the very bottom sending a stream of lava with a tip of an air bubble up every 20 seconds or so.  I kitted it blaming the poor flow to an LL production issue.  Believe it or not.....same thing with my kit....so I threw another homemade coil in and after a few runs it seems to be working it's way out although there is still a slight tip of an air bubble, but at least it breaks at the top.  Now problem 2:  I didn't use stainless steel and my liquid is turning a yellowish haze from discoloration from the homemade coil.  I have to get it out of there.  I may go to Michael's my local arts and crafts shop and buy some stainless steel bracelet coil and make my own coil and see how that works.  If I make my own coils and they work, I'll post!!

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