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Hello and good day to all OG members.  I have for Sale a Beautiful Coach Lantern in great condition. Never displayed once I purchased.150.00 plus 25.00 Shipping. Anyone interested in purchasing or making offer reply here and I will gladly respond accordingly.  If any of the lamps I place for sale here are SOLD I will donate 10.00 to oozing goo for each item and will post the date of the donation here so you can verify with Mark if needed.  I will make sure to pack with extra care for safe delivery.  

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I forgot to mention in my listing that if anyone interested wants a photo of the lamp in action - send request and I'll gladly fire them up and send you the photos.    

I will take the Saturna. Just sent a friend request to set up payment.

Saturna Lamp has been SOLD.

Nice lamp. If I were selling it, I might put a $150 BIN on the 'Bay, but I'd probably start bids at around $70. It's not the rare one, though, this style pops up at least once a month. Offer up the polished copper or brass/copper versions with folding handles, then call it a "rare Coach Lantern." The brief late-90s reboot with switch on base is rarer than this one-piece-handle type, too.

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