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Surfing the 'bay and came across this... great shape too.



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Saw it, just don't need it! LOL Good luck to whomever snatches the beauty!
I know the Giants came in the 3 colors Spence listed, purple/red, clear/red & blue/white and also came in purple/yellow, blue/yellow and pink/pink ( I have one ). From the looks of it, its a real Giant.

if it's convenient, would you please post a photo of the pink/pink?
Its hard to get a good pic, but I had a few posted in my photos

I will try to get a better pic tonight.

thanks (for some reason the whole link isn't working so i had to highlight and drag and drop, so to speak...)
it's that darn flash, isn't it?
i think i might get it. my grande was so cloudy, i opened it and fixed it without the help of this site which was a mistake, dang it. wish i knew about the filter.
This is from the 2000 catalog I have, by that time, the Pink / Pink was no longer made and they expanded the colors, so the auction above is a true Giant (American Made). The Purple ones it should be noted are Purple/Pinks (they look like Lavender/Whites but are not).

i thought they only came in black!
the seller says that he had it running like four or five times but seeing the liquid level at the top I'd rather say that this one isn't new at all...
Once the liquid expands when running (like pictures in the auction show), they aren't unlike many such as pictured above in LampHeads collection I think it's common. I've run mine quite a bit and after looking at a picture taken about a decade ago of mine, the fluid is still at the same level.
it went for almost 150
The fluid level is perfect when you look at the running pics the gap is gone, the US Giants also used a smaller top cap so it covers less of the globe. All of my Giants have the same gap and it goes away when running..perfectly normal.


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