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(HELP) Vintage Glitter lamp, very cloudy and the glitter is uggly.

Hello Guys

I wish someone to help me restauring my vintage french lamp.
I dont have idea of what is inside this lamp. I just made some lava lamps before but I dont have experience with glitter lamps. Can someone help me please? 

Is the same as this model but very cloudy and the glitter doesnt shine:

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Hi, the youtube link isn't working for me?

There is no way to get your cloudy glitter back to normal since the formula for glitter lamp is not the same as lava lamps.  I buy glitter globes online all the time and then swap out the contents.  It's cheaper and works like a charm and you have a wide variety to choose from online.  Just pop the tops and swap.  Show us a picture of the finished lamp. 

Thanks you very much for that link , I will buy it and in ten 10 I’ll put a picture 

Yes is an oval shape like in the video 

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