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I know most of us have sizable collections. And many of us have lamps scattered in various rooms. I have about 50 lamps myself, the bulk of of them being downstairs. Every now and again, I bring a few upstairs and run them, but I don't have a good display area to even put ten lamps. I'm working on that. ;)


So, on an average evening at home, how many lamps do you run? How many in each room?


Tonight, I'm running four glitter Wizards in the kitchen, three Centuries in the livingroom and in the bedroom, one Grande and two 32oz. lamps. 10 lamps total. That's high for me though. Most nights I just run 1-3 lamps. Some nights, no lava is running. 

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A perfect Eggsample why one should keep a log or inventory... so you dont get too many of eggxact  color...or model

It depends last night I had 2 lava lamp in bedroom, 4 fibers in kitchen and 4 in the dining room *photo*.  I had never set up 4 on the dining room table *Heywood Wakefield 1950* they looked great.  The grande Fantasia was a little overpowering but it was so energizing.  I collect a lot of different lamps and love the new led remote control bulbs, they give you a lot of



Beautiful shot Jack. Looks great. I love all those fibers!
Lovley fibers - I often am not one for fiber optics but I realy like the vintage ones, they are realy nice.
I'm running about 2 - 8 lamps at once, plus a fibre (jupiter2) or a faze 3 when I'm in the mood for more colour. My smart Jet/living Jewel is running 24/7 though...for weeks now and all is well...
I turn on 62 together every few nights, scattered all around my main collection space but ganged on three big switches. In the winter, I have to open a door or window to let out the heat!

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