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It is with a heavy heart that I must sell my collection.  There are some very rare items.  Before I put it on eBay, I am offering it here.  I HAVE TO SELL THEM TO PREVENT MYSELF FROM BEING HOMELESS or they would not be leaving my possession.  I will take offers on one or the whole collection.  If you are interested, please email me directly at SufferingClown@gmail.com

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Very sorry to hear you have to sell your collection

Sad, sad day to see arguably, one of the world's absolute greatest motion lamp collections get split up. 

As Bryin is a rather infrequent visitor to the site, thought I would provide some background on just how extensive his collection is.


Video Tour of Bryin's Apartment

Sad to see.......lot's of folks having to "tough it out" nowadays.....i'm no exception.......

Very sad. Bryin, I'd like to know a price on the little aqua-colored single at front right. It's the lamp my mom really wants, I have one (mine is rusty) and she's in love with it.

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