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I am selling a crestworth Princess on Ebay its live right now !

Hello All you may be very interested to know that I have currently listed on ebay a original Crestworth princess lava lamp 

Yes the  uber rare floor stander 


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Wow, beautiful piece. I wish I could even afford one wooden leg

It is beautiful, but not only out of my budget, it's taller than I am...........

hope the person who wins it collects it and is strong them bottles are mega heavy with the liquid in em :-0


Well the liquid is completely cloudy,a few of those interested have asked me to empty it ! If they live in uk and depending on distance I may deliver personally this will never be handed to Dhl ,royal mail etc. For those who live far away it will be professionally crated and bolted to pallet for delivery if this got damaged it would be a tragedy

Looking forward to hearing how much it would cost to ship this beauty to the USA.

Hoping the price is not going to be to outrageous but would certainly understand if it is.

It will be fun watching your auction - good luck with it!

If you send me your zipcode either on here or through my ebay ,I will provide a quote however I will only ship it in a wooden crate to international locations  as I do not want any damage to happen.

Could you tell us the story of this lamp?

Where did you find it? and before?

It would be interesting.


Yes, please do share the story of your Princess with us as it should be very interesting!

Hello I purchased this at a public auction and it came from a house clearance. I will be happy to provide members any details on lamp,photos etc whilst it is still in my possession 

i refilled mine about 8 years ago with glitter as it was more cost effective

It looks nice I would rather lava but the refill kit is pretty expensive so understandable ,have you got all retro furniture too or just alot of lava lamps ?

Nothing wrong with using Glitter - That looks Great!

More cost effective and greater longevity than Lava.

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