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I Can Take No More - Colossus Goo Kit Project (Sorta')

I've tried different coils, removing the small coil, putting in new custom coils, slowly warming the wax for weeks - still my Purple/Pink has not responded.  

It is just too sensitive to temperature changes in its environment - meaning it only runs well in a very narrow temperature range.  I'm convinced its the bloody wax.

So, I've drained the liquid, and I'm in the process of melting the wax on the base.  My plan is to goo kit it with clear liquid and that pretty neon blue everyone likes so much.  This should be fun!


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I capped them cold.  I think you are fine with the stopper.  Just be sure to reseal the metal top on tight.  The black plastic sleeve holds it all together and is added insurance.  Good luck with your filtering.

This is what happened....still think it should be ok?  I'm surprised that capping these cold doesn't cause too much pressure to build.  I would have thought ideally would be to cap it somewhat warm but not fully hot so that there'd be some vacuum when it cools and some pressure when it heats, not all pressure or all vacuum.

Did you ever complete this project?   I'd love to see a clear (not white) goo kit.

My colosuss exploded.  It never worked properly.  We had it in our attic and would only flow if it was well over 90 degrees.  We forgot, left it on over night, and found that red liquid had leaked down through our light fixture to the floor below.  We have what I hope is just water and wax all through our attic room where we kept it.  It does not smell great.  Is that stuff toxic?  Does anyone have advice regarding clean up?


Been there, done that. Lots of Dawn, wax remover, Kilz, and paint.

Sorry to hear of another.

Having the same issue with my revamped Grande at the moment. Except I did use a Goo kit already. Starting to think that Magma Tower needs to put on thier website that an additive to the water for density is necessary to get the wax to rise.

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