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Hello. I need some advice to improve a vintage Wizard I just bought. A friend who I consider an expert in all things lava suggested I bend the internal bulb upward, and replace the 40W with a 25W.

Well I bent the bulb socket by hand  to about 80% (from a 45%), but I think it has to be closer to the globe. The socket seems to be mounted on a metal rail attached to the center of the base. I  succeeded in bending that rail up perhaps an 1/8" north, but I cannot move it past that w/ my hand, and no pliers I have seem to help.

I tested this out (still w/ the original 40W), and the lava flow seemed better for a few minutes, and then...well, I would say 10% improvement.

Can anyone please advise me? on bulbs, tools, technique, surrender?



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40 Watt is for lava,

25 watt is for glitter

Bending it closer to the bottom should help

Keep it away from ceiling fans, cold windows, anything that will affect the ambient temperature, etc

Try switching globes, perhaps the one you have is spent out?

Concur here with what Claude advises.  Just remember to not let bulb touch the base of globe as this could cause overheating and globe to get too hot and crack glass.  Keep us up to date.

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