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Hey all, hope everyone doing well.  Have had some pretty serious medical issues lately and great to be back among the living!  I was antiquing today and ran across a Aristocrat white squiggle base.  Double checked the site and seams to match up.  Here is my dilemma, the opening for the globe on the base is 4.5 inches wide.  I happen to have out my fourth of july flag lamp, which the base seemed similar. 

Measured that one and it's opening on base is 4.25 inches wide, slightly smaller.  So my 52oz globe sits down deeper in the aristocrat base which is hitting the bulb.  Took it apart and obviously someone was already in there, due to the presence of electrical tape on original cord, which will be checked out.  So after bottoming out threaded rod to where the top hits the bottom of the ceramic lamp socket.  So I guess I will have to shorten threaded rod to bring down the ceramic base to clear bulb from bottom of globe.  I did measure the  distance on my flag base which is very close to dimensions of the aristocrat base, which came out to 5/8th's of an inch from the top of the ceramic base to the edge of the inner upper cone.

Can anyone please measure their aristocrat base for this measurement so I can be as close to original as possible.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Here is pic of measurement I am looking for.  ty again.  Control wont let me rotate pic, view in full size, ty.

Great score, I’ve had quite a few of these they can be tricky!

Thanks, want to make sure the clearance is correct, don't want to be popping a globe!  Looked in library and it stated that early versions used the 30W R-2 bulb, then later switched to a 40W appliance bulb.  Would rather use reflector as not to heat up base housing.

I measured my squiggle from the light bulb socket to the top of the base is 4 1/16 inches, with the 40 bulb in it's 1 3/4 inches from the top of the bulb to the top of the base. Hope this helps, I'm just assuming yours uses the 40 watt bulb and not the 30 watt. 

After thinking about my reply earlier, I dug my other squiggle out that takes a 30 watt bulb and compared the openings, and it's like 4  1/4 and the one with the 40 watt bulb is 4 1/2. 

It's 4 1/2 inches from the light socket to the top of the base for a 30 watt bulb, hope this helps in your restoration 

Thanks Cliff, appreciate the info!

If you want to use a reflector, you can always change the threaded rod to a shorter one

Claude, could not even use a regular appliance bulb.  Had to take off little more than half inch of rod to get the bulb to sit in the correct position, and at that it is snug tightening bulb down into housing to cleat the globe.  Turned out good, will post pics shortly.  Ty for all the assist all!

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