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**SOLD** Lava Lite Psychedelic Swirl for Sale - RED **SOLD**

2002 globe. Globe is hazy. It's not as hazy in real life as it is in the pics. Flow is good. Base and cap are in great shape. There is a dent in the back of the base, but you can't see it due to the swirling pattern on the globe.

Comes from a non-smoking home. Shipping will be $13.00. $9.00 if you just want the base and cap. 

Shoot me an offer if you'd like to buy it. It will go on eBay this weekend if no one wants it. 

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Hey, what would be your asking price and how would you ship? UPS destroys lava lamps. Thanks

I have not found UPS to destroy any of the lamps I've shipped. I would ship either USPS or UPS. 

Still thinking on price. 

Ok. Only reason about UPS is I had bought 2 lava lamps off eBay and they were ruined by the time they got to me. Thanks

UPS is really rough on packages and can ruin lava lamps.
Trust me. I have a huge insurance claim with them.

I even had The UPS Store pack it and when the tried to get out of the insurance claim, They couldn't because i choose a location that had the "Pack and Ship promise"

UPS made me jump through all sorts of hoops with 20 pages of backup support for the transaction in order to prove it's worth, bill of sale, charges, pictures. and to top it off... They had me track down a chemical composition MSDS report.

One thing for future reference, do not send any old glitter lamps which are not produced by today's methodology via UPS.

Since many older glitter lamps are from companies that no longer exist, you cannot get an MSDS report for the contents.

So if it leaks, you are required to provide the MSDS report and if it so happens that the chemical composition is considered hazardous there could be trouble.

I have shipped lava lamps with UPS several times with not one issue. 

But this lamp will be going USPS. 

Thanks for the input Weebz. 

I've been doing this over 10 years.  I can attest that UPS is not careful with lava lamps no matter how you label them.

Also, let me add

I was told directly by a UPS representative. They cannot guarantee safe handling.
He said they are put on conveyor belts and the staff do not pay attention to an form of labeling.

With USPS, I've seen them first hand, at least some of them, make an attempt to handle them if labeled well.

yet USPS will tell you the same thing, they cannot guarantee any handling.

This is why every vendor insists that you have at least 2 inches of packing material between your item and the container.

For the most part, These American bottle cap lava lamps from the 80s'90s' and early 2k's are very resilient and usually recover if cycled allot.

I don't doubt your story Rob. I really don't. 

I've been doing this for almost two years and have shipped and received over 70 lamps and of the few problems I've had:

1) One box was completely smashed by the USPS, though the lamp was unharmed.

2) One lamp leaked, that came from France. Don't remember the shipper.

3) Two Wizard lamp bases were dented, due to horrible packing by the seller. I believe both were shipped USPS. 

4) One Grande cap was bent, due to poor packaging by the seller. Cannot remember who they used to ship. 

So, in my experience, packing is key. 

Also, the one time I did ship something (not a lava lamp) via UPS that appeared to come "shuffled", I filed a claim and got a refund of the cost of the item. I have not had one bad experience with UPS. It should be noted that I used our company's corporate UPS account to ship. 

Packing is key.  I had devised instructions I used to send people. When people adhered to it, They came through without issue.

But what I always noticed was packages sent via UPS Ground or USPS Parcel Post always came banged up and dented.

Usually USPS Priority was good. (except for the shippers who did not package the lamps correctly)

Hey Weebotech, could I get a copy of the instructions you send to folks.  I am always interested to see how others ask these to be packed.

Thank you!

Would be interested in a copy also if you wouldn't mind. Thanks in advance.

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