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I recently bought a squiggle on ebay that needed some work. I have dealt with plenty of cloudy lamps and have had little troubles, but this lamp is different. There is a ton of white powder floating around in it. It is almost like small pieces of wax that don"t want to melt and rejoin the rest of the wax. I am not sure though. I want to filter it, but I would need to buy a nice ceramic filter which could cost upwards of $90. I know coffee filters wont fix clouding, but i think they might be able to get these big pieces out. I will add a picture with this post so you can see what I am talking about. I would jst appreciate any input on this or advice from someone who has had this issue before.

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Looks like this one is past saving bro, would have to dump and kit it!  Good luck and keep us up to date.

If you dont want to gookit it, you might want to try and redo the liquid first, but remember to save the old one. It can be done without having to spend as many money as if you go and buy a gookit :-) 

But this might happen because the wax is simply too old. I've seen that before, where no matter how much you try, the wax will keep making the liquid cloudy.. 

Its beyond saving, best thing to do would be to get a new globe entirely kiting would be an option as well but the globe will need a lot of cleaning to stop the wax from sticking to the side

I really want to try to save the original fluid and wax for preservation, but that may not be possible I guess. I will probably combine two 32 oz globes instead so I still have the USA flow

You might as well try the coffee filter first if it comes to dumping the contents.

i agree with trying to filter out the white pieces with a coffee filter.  maybe run it through a clean one each time for 5 times (just guessing) and see what happens.

So I have an update on the lamp. I dumped the liquid and saved the fluid in a separate container. I cleaned the globe with gasoline and then hot water with soap. I refilled it with distilled water, glycerin, and surfactant from a goo kit. It flows great, but after a few runs it clouded the water. If it continues to cloud I will replace the fluid again and see if it stops clouding eventually. 

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