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Hi all. First of all I apologize about all of my questions lately about my lamp problems, but this forum has the smartest lava lamp individuals who can possibly help. Anyway, I recently revamped an older lava lite model circa 2003 32oz. I goo kitted it. However Magma Tower provided a type of screen in case your original coil was ruined. Mine wasn't but what the hell, I wanted to give it a try. When starting to flow it starts out fine, but once it really gets going the flow becomes very rapid with very small blobs. I also noticed that when said blobs return to the bottom of the globe they do not melt back into each other. They just sit there and go back up again. Could this be caused by the screen instead of using an actual coil? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks fellow oozers!

Pic #1 is the the small blobs that will not melt back together

Pic#2 is the rapid small blobs starting

Pic#3 is the normal looking startup

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The tiny blobs indicate that your lamp gets extremely hot. Try using a dimmer or a lower wattage bulb. I also find that coils are more effective at getting the wax to recombine than a screen, so just use the coil given that yours is still usable.

I personally never use the screen that comes with the kit. It does reduce water bubbles in the wax to a certain degree, but other than that, I don't find much use for them. 

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