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I touched on this in another thread, but with that now ‘buried’ thought it might be worth starting a separate thread for this issue.

I recently swapped the master-fluid between two Astro bottles a blue/ pink and violet/ turquoise, so now have a violet/pink and blue/ turquoise - since the swap though both bottles now seem to have flow issues, namely that wax tends to stick around the sides of the bottle particularly towards the bottom, creating a sort of ‘tide line’ around the base and generally just seem to flow less well.

I am fairly sure this was not an issue prior to the swap, I think I read somewhere that at the factory some sort of surfactant is applied to the inside of the bottles before they are filled, so don’t know if swapping the fluids has affected this?

Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this and if it ‘righted’ itself over time or if a more elaborate ‘salvage mission’ was required?


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I hope someone gives you a better solution, but this is the best method I know of. (you may be able to boil the globe. never tried. can not recommend. wait to see if anyone else can verify)

1. Store the master fluid

2. melt / store wax

3. clean globe and re-boot

NOTE: Add more SURF to master fluid

Don’t add any more chemicals!  The sticking is a known problem with the current formula. Your bottle switch has probably set off enough paranoia for you to notice the sticking, but would almost certainly have been there before. 

Then just separate, clean and refresh. Lava lamps can be tricky, you’d be way better off replacing/ returning. If you do want to pop it open, do your research first. 

The batch can be different sometimes what I do is to clean the bottle and it does help also to heat the bottle your adding the liquid too this can stop all sticky for sure. I would take liquid out heat wax clean the bottle completely with distilled water and add the liquid in first then re heat the wax some sticking will clear up after a long run if you don't fancy doing this method 

I think we lost her lol

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