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Hi, I bought a Mathmos silver glitterball on ebay. Plugged it in and the bottle had a crack and leaked all over. I salvaged 90% of the glitter
and liquid and put it in a spare bottle I had. I need help with the


Why so smelly? The glitterball liquid was like syrup and smelled really nasty.


What is that inside of the bottle that smelled so bad and Is that smelly stuff toxic?


What can I use to top it off? It's about two inches low.


Post or email me at EROZMOS@ROADRUNNER.COM


Please help ASAP.


Thank you.

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I’ve changed two glitterball lamps and the fluid is indeed 100% food grade Glycerin. 


Arne said:

I had a pharmacist taste glitterball fluid and she said it's not glycerine. Also glycerine is not quite a thick as glitterball fluid.

Eron, I have some spare glitterball fluid, but its not crystal clear. If you dont find out what it is I can send you some, you just have to cover the postage, fluid is free. It's not enough for a whole bottle, but sure enough to top it off.

I have as well, pretty cheap and works well.

Dennis Bachetti said:

I’ve changed two glitterball lamps and the fluid is indeed 100% food grade Glycerin. 

I think the reason for the pharmacist not to recognise it as glycerol/glycerin was either the nastyness from the wax mix which had leaked into it over time or it was based on her just not beeing the spectrograph trapped in a human body as she seemed to be convinced of. For sure I didnt want to mislead you although I found/ find the fact that some certain people have gained this knowledge a bit problematic since back in the day it was nearly impossible to find real unused crystal clear glitterball and not having to sell a kidney for it while nowadays the apearance of glitterballs which are claimed to be in mint condition is actually not that uncommon for the reason of people being full of... shinyness. replacing fluid doesnt bring back all the silver powder stuff which makes the silver (aluminium to be correct) one so breathtakingly beautiful and while this not being thsat much of an issue with the green/blue/Turqoise versions it still matters as the whole formula wasnt exactly forgiving when using those lamps for longer than the typical 8 hour runtime resulting in many of em sticking to the glass or just sitting around with only one large blob which never seperated indicating the lamp being trapped in zombie like state...not dead but clearly not at best health either.when I found out (actually orbitz found out) that actually it IS glycerol me and orbitz decided only to tell very few people about it and ask them not to just post this to see for anybody and on the other hand making it available to others without making any profit on it and about a week later we saw the first "new and unused" glitterball which was more like "unused since it has died and now for sale for the price of a kidney" yada yada yada what a pitty.

btw anybody interested in some new and unused glitterballs...I do have a few which were never fired up...post mortem :D

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