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Just a quick heads up for anyone that might be interested that Mathmos are currently running a poll for another one day only bottle fill, this time for Astrobaby/ Telstar bottles, the (underwhelming IMO) options are yellow/ orange or blue/ red.

Does make me wonder if they may make these one-day-one-offs a regular thing of perhaps they're 'testing the water' - so to speak , for future colour combinations.

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Where is this? Went on twitter just but couldnt see anything? What boring colours though! Sorry yes just found it on farcebook. I wont be buying as jve got both anyway. Blue red is winning. 

How about clear white for those of us who want to refresh their millennium telstar! Or something new and unusual? No not Mathmos!

people will buy em, that clear and white already been seen on ebay by several sellers at prices like £145.00 :-/ 

Will probably pass on this one, but yes I hope people buy them, the more successful it proves the greater the chance of more 'one-day' events to follow, hopefully with some alternate colourways that are actually new/interesting.

With all the recent colourway deletions, hopefully it will become a regular feature. And as you say we might get some unusual and interesting combinations and maybe the opportunity ro renew some of our older models of lamps. 

I would like to see a limited edition lunar iO bottle. Clear yellow or clear purple. 

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