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Finally us Lunar, io & Rokit owners are getting some attention, Clear / White and Clear / Purple are the choices.

Pretty boring if you ask me, how about a choice of Red, White or Blue etc.

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Don’t own a ‘giant’ lamp, but curious about the clear/ purple - is it ‘true’ purple or just the existing ‘dark purple/ plum’ seen on other models?

Thanks for confirming that for us who don’t use FB, I would have been surprised if it was full lamps only.

l’ve had so many sticky bottles but insist on returning them until I get one which I’m satisfied with’ it’s a major pain but these faulty bottles shouldn’t even leave the factory.

Noz said:

It has been confirmed on fb that bottles will be available to buy separately. Yippee. 

However it has not been confirmed whether the clear purple will actually be a purple or the clear black plum wax. Either way getting both and am excited. Let's just hope they flow and don't have sticking wax like the majority of my io bottles have. 

It really is about time they looked after us lunar io and rokit owners. 

Let's have some more soon please..... 

Sounds too dark :(


£100 is greedy indeed!!!

Noz said:

No price increase on lamps they just can't sell but heavily increased for just bottles. 

Greedy b...stards. they can get stuffed. 

Anyone else have black bits in the white wax? Surprise Surprise mine does!! Another disappointment after waiting 3 weeks for it to arrive.

thats not possible, mathmos has supreme quality control!

Mine are all good, I've never had a bad Lunar/iO bottle to be fair. 

Did you try cleaning and refilling? usually that solved it.

One of mine actually doesnt fit my lunar and both are slightly cloudy...not badly but obvious when compared after filtering.

If anyone is looking to sell a clear/white bottle please message me.  Thanks! 

Wow what a difference, what did you use to filter it, I have returned mine so hope the replacement is clear and without black debris in the wax like the last one.
Arne said:

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