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New range of Lunar sized rockets is now completed... Finally!

Hello Everybody,

For all of you waiting with baited breath (whatever that means...) you can now breathe easily as I have finally managed to finish the first batch of six, hand made, Lunar sized aluminium rockets.

From left to right;

Redstone, Atlas, Titan (Arc wing versions) The Orbiter, Titan, Atlas, Redstone (Delta wing versions)

Above are a couple of panoramic pictures of the six new rockets flanking "The Orbiter", one shows it with cargo bay doors closed and the other shows them slightly open to show the bottle inside (the doors open fully to better show the bottle.)

Below is "The Orbiter" with my earlier "Saturn V" prototypes either side and then the two Titan models (with Arc wing version on the left and Delta wing on the right.)

The six new rockets are all now available for sale, Each one will come with a numbered plaque, showing the company name (Lightspeed Rockets) and the model name, wing style and a serial number (obviously, these will all be serial number 01, subsequent models will be numbered sequentially and made to order only.)

Hope you like them (order now to beat the rush, ha-ha!)

(By the way, the first two pictures appear to show the outer two lamps have wider bottles, this is an optical illusion caused by rubbish camera lenses on modern phones. They are all genuine Mathmos bottles and all are exactly the same size. The last picture was taken with a proper Olympus camera and has no distortion.)

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That Space Ship "The Orbitor" in the center is sweet!

I would like to order one

Hello Ryan,

Nice to hear from you, glad you like them, they've been a long time in the making!

If you want to contact me direct for more info and prices, lightspeed-rockets@hotmail.com is the email address.

Where in the world are you? I only ask as bottles may be tricky to post overseas but let's have a chat and see where we go.

Many thanks,


Awesome work

Hello Claude,

Thanks for your kind words, much appreciated.

Captain Skywalker.

These are great!  I am very impressed by the effort and the appearance.  This is a great contribution to the art of lava!


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