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In the absence of more interesting newbies one has to be thankful if anything new happens in Dorset...

I just found on Mathmos website that there is a new color combination for the AstroBabies respectively TelStars:
Blue liquid - pink lava.

This is the blue you find in Mathmos most common combination (blue liquid - green lava) and it looks fine along with the pink wax. At least on the photos...


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I got the email earlier this week... Love the color combo!

Yeah, noticed that the other day... 'sOK. Probably not quite enough to part me with more cash. Was hoping the colourways featured on the Neo might find their way onto the rest of the range at some point.

i wish they would ditch the astro combo's pink-yellow-orange= orange blobs, and blue-yellow = green blobs, id like red wax yellow fluid, red and red, and how bout a yellow wax again

many color-experiments, at least for a limited time, could be made:

pink, flamingo, petrol, lime, sunflower yellow, a real dark black. Or, what's totally missing: some brighter wax in a darker liquid. Like they had: pink liquid - white wax.

I would immediately buy something like this, if ever released:

What about fluoro colors? Or an edition with 4 or 5 different pastel colors?

I'd love white wax w/ violet liquid... would settle for pink wax/ violet liquid which they make, but only offered on the Neo (bleh...)

The blue / pink is a nice combo certantly worth getting a bottle for a spare base.

I would like to see them do other more 'classic' combos like blue water white wax etc, orange / black and have a white / clear as a stranded color not just a special. I know thies have been done by LL but would be interesting Mathmos have there take on it.

a few years back they had white clear as a standard astro bottle for a while but stopped making it since clouding shows more as more light gets through the wax and into the liquid. So even when the same liquid would appear to be crystal clear when used with darker wax it looks slightly clouded when used with white wax. also the white wax didnt stay white it became yelloish (sperm white as many people refer to). Probly a combination we wont see again...altough I liked it a lot.
I had a few of em and made some experiments for example white wax and very very dark (loads of purple) liquid...will have to see if I find the pics on my old laptop...or whats left of it...rather a board with a fan.

I'm planning on getting one :)

Is it a new colour combo though? :)

Yeah the wax in some of the blue/blue lamps seemed to take on a curiously purple hue when lit, I had a telstar like that...

It's certainly easy to get the impression that they are resting on their laurels a bit of late, I do rather miss the Mathmos of the late 90's early/ 00's when they were arguably at their creative peak.

@Nee: Are the Neo bottles exactly the same shape as the AstroBaby / Telstar ones?

Or do they just somehow fit into the base?

And did you ever try a 25W or even 15W Bulb instead of the dimmer?

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