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Hi Guys

Don't suppose any of you have a stock pile of original Mathmos blue colour boosting bulbs for an Opal Fluidium.

Just half a dozen, or three, or a couple may be.......or even just one (pretty please) would be great ;D




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Lol good luck with it, I've been after a blue for my Astro 3 in 1 for ages with no luck what so ever :-(

Could a plastic pool light cover work? Like these http://www.amazon.com/Pool-Light-Lens-Cover-4-Color/dp/B004IAB2PK

I don't know much about the heat resistance & I know it would be cheating... but still... maybe worth a shot?


No way not on a 40 W light bulb, they would just melt lol
I have some gel you could use - I can see what i have in my off cut / general gel role or I could send you a sample book which you could cut up and see if it fits.

It might work for a wile but its not a permanent solution - the plastic caps would be the best idea.

(Gel is the term used for the coloured filters used in entertainment lighting.)

PM me if your interested

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