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I have a major problem.  For years I have had a red lava Carramar Lava Lamp that I bought from a Garage Sale for $5.00.  It had been tampered with and taped up around the top but worked fine.  Lately I noticed that there were specks of dirt in the water.  I untaped the top and found that someone had put a metal disc on top (for weight I presume) and it has rusted and fallen in to the liquid.  To cut a long story short I tampered with the liquid before I knew what I was doing and now I need to replace the whole contents!!   
Arrrghhhh.    Now I have been doing a lot of research and happily discovered this website.  I am a GooHead now and am calling on all those to help me find how to make the lava and liquid.

I found the receipe on this sight and will make it but is there a special technique when making it?  Is there more I should know.  How much does it cost to buy all the ingredients and am I going to stuff it up again?  I just want to repair my vintage lamp.  Hope you can help people.

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Wendy, welcome to OG!!!

For ordering and pricing info you can go here:


For a how to tutorial you can go here:




As far as making your own lava, I don't know anything about that as I restored all of my lamps using the Magma Tower goo kits.  You can see what some of them look like if you go to my pics and vids.


Good luck and have fun.....


P.s.  Sorry to hear about your lamp.  It's never fun when we lose one of our favorites.



Another option would be to buy some other lamp and transfer the contents into the lamp you wish to repair.  Good luck!

I am with Jus here. Buy an old lava bottle, like a Mathmos or older Lava brand, that flows well and transfer the contents. Don't destroy some rare vintage lamp though.....there are plenty of tattered donor bottles though that will be easy enough to find.

Welcome Wendy!  No big deal about the lamp, you have the most important part, great bones to work with!  The master fluid and lava can be replaced easily and to your liking.  The sky is the limit.  There is so much great info and great people here that are willing to help.  You will have it back up and running in no time!  Very nice lamp by the way.

Thanks for all your advice.  I'll have it up and running in no time and I'll post pics.  Thanks again

Oh No! So I email the goo kit company and find out that a full kit is going to cost me $121.99 to ship to Australia! I emailed back to see if this was a typo and told them that I just wanted to repair my lamp- not buy the company! Any way I guess the next step is to buy some cheap lamps and transfer the contents. I'll get there.

Is that highway robbery, or what?!

Surprisingly, your's is the first exclamation I've seen regarding that mandatory $100.00 fee on over-seas orders.  Wonder are others actually PAYING it?  Daaaang...

Good luck!

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