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Hi you all, I have just bought a Lunar bottle on ebay .. when it arrived the lid was broken and the liquid was half gone .. what can I do? buy a couple of astros and refill? where can I find a lid? HELP!!!! here's a picture .. thanks :D

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obviously I'd have to find green replacement lamps :(
woah that sucks :( but at least the bottle didn't break - that would have been a disaster... looks like it hasn't lost too much fluid, at a guess I'd say a green or clear astro baby bottle would probably top that up no worries - it'd be going to a very good cause!
thanks alot for the idea I'll see if I can find some dog vitamins here in Italy :) would you use a blue or clear astro to refill this green liquid?
And you haven't seen the worst part .. the whole lunar was ruined .. here are the pics .. now I have asked paypal for a refund .. the package was insured .. we'll see how it goes :(
I've just written to Mathmos and a nice lady told me to buy a new replacement bottle .. real helpful ..
yeah I'm really pissed off .. this guy was obviously an idiot .. fortunately I already have a Lunar .. this was supposed to be my second one .. really pissed off ..
unfortunately Mathmos don't really seem to to give a Dam about their customers these days it's a real shame as they used to be so good.

R.I.P poor lunar :-(
Thats sad to see the lunar like that just because somebody cant package properly, its happend to me too :-(
.. Obviously I'll try to get it fixed somehow but I don't know how thing will turn out :(
Thanks for the help guys :D here's my restored Lunar bottle :D
one more
well I was refunded fully by paypal .. for now I will turn the lamp hiding the dents until I find someone who can work on the metal like guys who fix cars after accidents .. I don't know ..

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