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Just wanted to check...this is the correct bulb for a colossus right?

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I have a colossus as well, and use a 250-300w BR40 bulb, depending which I find, and seems to work well.  I personally don't think using a "Heat Lamp" would be such a good idea.  The glass would have a good chance of cracking I think with the extra heat it puts out. 

Seems like the right size and such, just find one that's not a heat lamp.

The glass cracking is what I'm afraid of.  No one locally carries a non heat lamp version though...and I wasn't having much luck finding one online either. 

Jeff - do you have a Home Depot in the area?  That is where I purchased replacement bulbs.

I do but they only have the 250 watt heat lamps, or a 125 watt heat lamp, or a 300 watt pool lamp.  The 300 watt pool lamp is the only one that doesn't say heat lamp on it.  All the other BR40's are way too small in terms of wattage.

I will send a pic of the bulbs I purchased once I get home.  I purchased the same exact make/model of bulb that Lava Lite had initially supplied with the lamp.

The bulb L.L. provided with the Colossus IS a 250W heat lamp. I run those in both of my Colossus. You can buy those at Home Depot and Lowes. I have also used a par 38 175W heat lamp bulb too and it works well in warmer rooms.

Thank-you for the input....if the 250 watt heat lamp is what LL provided then I should be good to go.  I don't think a 175 watt would cut it...as I have a cooler room.  I also red somewhere that the bases were redesigned too...any obvious way to tell if I've got an original or redesigned one?

Lamp is just starting to flow now...but its so darn cloudy the lava is barely visible....I hope this didn't get ruined beyond hope in shipping :(

I ran a 250 watt heat lamp in my humungo. Late at night, as it was cooling, I heard a loud pop. The glass had cracked and 10 gallons of goo was leaking on the floor. Just a warning. I have purchased another humungo and have been working on that one.

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