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I think i have finally found a dye that mimics lava lite purple liquid perfectly using purple Sharpie brand highlighters. It has to be "SHARPIE" brand, otherwise the off brands i have tried seem to give the liquid a hazy neon pinkish orange tint that just ruins the lamp. I thought i'd share this since I haven't found any other posts relating to this. this is the third run on this lamp without any fading so far! 

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Nice, let's see that bad boy running with new color in a video!

Thanks Yes i will upload a video in an hour or so, its currently warming up now. I disnt give myself enough time to upload a video yesterday.

kero48 said:

Nice, let's see that bad boy running with new color in a video!

Wow, that looks like a perfect match!  Did you use all of the dye in one globe?

it actually took quite a bit of the ink to get the right shade

here is the video of it running right now, still no fading or dye seeping into the wax so far!


Very nice.

How many Sharpies did you have to use to get this shade?

Just one

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