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I recently got a Meditation lava lamp, and it's not in the best shape.  The fluids need to be replaced, and it's showing its age.  For the most part, the guides already here are pretty helpful, but this one does have a couple of unique challenges.

First, I'm really concerned about cleaning the glass without damaging the cross.  It seems to be painted on, not sure with what kind of paint.  But there's already some slight damage to the paint job, I don't want to make it worse.

Second, I'd like to restore it as close to the original colors as possible.  It's a champagne mist, and I'm not sure how cloudy it's supposed to be, but as it is you can't see the lava unless it's right next to the glass.  Does anyone have any experience in recreating mist fluid?  Or would I be better off just giving it different colors?

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I think I would have to go with Marcel on this one and go glitter all the way!  :P

Did you recently purchase it off eBay and is it yellow mist?  If so, you nabbed it before i could! lol nice score! You can always sell it to me as is and ill keep it all original lol 

But if i was going to do anything with it i would just change the master fluid and keep the original lava.  But thats just me.  i prefer to keep my collection as original as possible.  Good Luck!!

I would just change the fluid and not change the wax out. I can say from my experience I have the Nightlight (Clown), and a long time ago changed out fluid and wax, melting the old wax in a boiling hot pot on the stove...well you know where this is going...parts of the image became raised and wavy like it was softening and lifting off.. then a small amount of the paint flaked off when it cooled. So it looks a little distressed...now the image is very delicate. Makes me sick to think about...I was ignorant then. So be careful for sure!!! As for cleaning the glass only I can think of is a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water. But avoid the cross, maybe use q-tips around the image. Best of luck!

Great to see you here again Galaxy_9. Part of the Old School!

Thanks, everyone.  I'm definitely not planning to change the wax, and I guess it's probably not worth it trying to figure out how to recreate the mist effect.  Going to need to be careful here, it sounds like the paint's not hard to damage.

You know what would be great.  If the painted on logo could be scanned and reproduced and used to create a template and have that design "etched" chemically onto the globe and then the etched pattern could the be left as is or you could tint or paint etched pattern to permanently preserve the design on the globe, just a thought!  Keep us up to date on your progress Mandy!


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