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Hello all.
Does anyone know more about this Crestwort Living Jewel I just bought for a steal..?
This one deviates from all pictures I have found so far....
The base has got a chromed bottom instead of the usual black...
The switch is on the base instead of on the wire....
It has got an eu plug
And at last.. a B22 socket, not a B15 socket..
I think I have resolved the mistery of the transparant glitters.... due to overheating wit a 40w bulb the glitters have lost their metallic shine..... it has disolved...
Any info is very welcome....

You're right about the glitter flakes, they're burnt out, I believe they are called "ghosts"

Could you post photos of how the barrel fits into the base, please?

(on the normal LJ, as you say, it is fitted into a black bakelite ring)

Can't see from the photo if it's one piece or what?

Underside shot might be good too?

Looks like a Crestworth click-switch, but difficult to say

Here some more pictures...

The underside shot is different to any Crestworth I've seen, but that doesn't signify

The weird part for me is the base assembly - is the barrel part of the base, or has it been wedged in and the join chromed over - from what I can see of the third shot I can't tell

I will add more pictures of the base later....

OK, it looks to me like the baseplate is the same as a Cosmos (Astro Nordic Mk 1) but with the barrel built into it.

Whether it's a factory job or a skilled retrofit is beyond me from these pix, if the idea is right...

The clickswitch has been seen retro-fitted to a Cosmos base like this, on OG a couple of years back, with the Cosmos "staff" shortened, whereas, if I'm right, on yours it has been completely dispensed with

Interesting, but I'm not convinced it's a factory-produced Crestworth model, but others - more expert than me - may well disagree - it's easy to be negative!

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